What I know about Frenchie Pugs

Dr. Shradhdha Shah
3 min readFeb 29, 2020

We adopted our first and only Frenchie Pug early this year and learned that dogs can indeed have an Indiana Jones complex. Kyra’s adoption came as a second chance at being pet parents; my husband and I dove headfirst into the opportunity. We soon realized that the frenzy of a French bulldog wrapped inside a pug-faced pup equals to the perfect home and office pet. If Kyra had a Linked In profile, this is what it would look like!


Professional Shredder

- Rips, shreds and chews to pulp.

- Newspapers & magazines are included in routine services.

- For papers over 90 GSM, premium rates apply @ 3 frozen carrot sticks or 1 human earlobe.

- For important documents, contact after 10 pm (when my humans are asleep).

- Silent, noise-free mechanism.


Human toes and fingers thrown in for regular patrons, at no extra cost.


- Chewing other puppies since 2 months and 1 day.

- Chewing Patch, my mother inside and out since 4 months.

- Chewing furniture part-time for 30 days after birth.

- Chewing furniture full-time since 1 month and 1 day.

- Chewing kitchen scraps since 1 month.

- Chewing miscellaneous non-sense since 20 days.

- Chewing expensive footwear since 19 days.

- Chewing wires since 15 days; special rates apply if cord protector present.


- 2 months of pushing and shoving 6 siblings inside Mother’s womb.

Skills: Ability to thrive in a competitive environment.

- 7 weeks of climbing, chewing, jumping on and biting 6 puppies, 1 adult pug and 1 French bull dog.

Skills: Ability to be assertive under pressure.

- 6.5 weeks of training in the Pug Head Tilt.

Skills: Ability to process complex data sets and demonstrate flawless execution.

- 6.5 weeks of sleeping with 15 other animals in the home, including an African Grey.

Skills: Undivided focus and commitment to goals.

- 6.5 weeks of expert French-bull-dog tutelage in using incisors effectively to wreak havoc.

Skills: Channeling traditional family values into the task at hand.

Licenses & Certifications:

· Self-certified in demonstrating commands ‘Sit’, ‘Down’ & ‘No’ if treats are present.

· Self-certified in Dragging Objects around the living room.

· Self-certified as Whining & Howling when one doesn’t get ones way.


Distinction with special merit from the School of Incessant Poos & Wees.

Community work:

- Physical Training imparted to both my humans from bending, crouching & lifting at poop time, which is every 30 minutes.

- Contributing to the sale of floor cleaners, thus supporting the Indian & global economy.

- Chewing furniture and thereby lending character to the living space.

- Yelping at strangers, resulting in improvement of (their) motor reflexes.

Favourite moments.


- Our neighbor in 2B, for drowning the sounds of other dogs by continuous squealing at night.

- Our neighbor in 1B, for hastening dry cleaning processes for all floor rugs.

- Our neighbor from 403 (counts as overseas experience, since they live 1 block away) for their fingers, toes and nose for a positive chewing and shredding experience.



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